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Thermal Imaging

TWB Electrical provide a Thermal Imaging service, which has evolved into one of the most cost effective and valuable diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance. Thermal imaging cameras are used to determine the temperature of electrical components within an existing installation. When high temperatures are found this indicates a potential risk, which can then be investigated further.

This early warning system means that corrective action can be taken before the problem escalates. Incorrectly installed or damaged components generally output an excessive amount of heat.

Thermographic surveys are particularly useful in large, complex, round the clock installations where machines are never switched off. As the installation’s power supply is unaffected, business operations are uninterrupted.

We offer a friendly and professional service and are totally committed to providing our customers both new and old the highest quality workmanship at all times. To enforce this commitment to our customers we are registered NICEIC approved contractors. This guarantees all our works are carried out according to the most current regulations and standards.

If you would like any additional information on this, or any other service we offer, feel free to get in touch on 01472 511486 or visit our contact page and submit an enquiry. We will be more than willing to help.

Potential problems can often be found due to excess heat being released by the component, include:

Loose connections
Corroded joints
Phase imbalances
High resistance in fuses and switchgear
Worn parts and insulation resistance breakdown

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