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EICR Testing/Landlord Certificates /PAT Testing

Our mission is to provide the residents and commercial properties of Lincolnshire with a no hassle electrical service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines and offers excellent value for money. We work very closely with our clients to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)/ Fixed Electrical Testing

TWB Electrical offer Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) to residents (including landlords), businesses, charities and schools throughout Lincolnshire.

All reporting is carried out to NICEIC Standards and EICR coding of electrical faults within a business/property are based on NICEIC Guidelines

EICR Testing Niceic Certificate

An EICR is the process of inspection and testing of the condition of your fixed electrical installation. The inspection aims to detect any damage in your electrical work that could potentially be hazardous.

Following booking one of our fully qualified electricians to complete an EICR for you, you will receive a certification that will give any potential hazards a classification – see below

EICR Classifications

    1.  C1. Danger Present –  Risk of injuries and accidents is high and requires immediate action.
    2.  C2. Potential Danger – While immediate action may not be required at the moment, remedial steps must be done in the following days,
    3.  C3. Improvement Recommended – Electrical installations are sound, but steps may be taken to further enhance safety.
Multifunction Testers For Installation Testing:

Multifunction testers (also known as MFT) allow the electrician to test low voltage circuits. The testing equipment tests for factors such as insulation resistance, continuity, earth loop impedance, prospective short-circuit current (PSCC) and RCD’s.

fluke multifunctional tester

EICR’s For Landlords

Landlords are required to have EICR carried out every five years. However, if the installation is old or has higher risk potential, your electrician may recommend they are carried out more frequently.

EICR regulations state that landlords must issue both new and current tenants with an updated EICR. Every change of tenant also requires a new EICR.

  •  ✓ For New Tenants – Starting 1 July 2020, new tentants receive a satisfactory EICR before officially moving in

  • ✓ For Current Tenants – Starting 1 April 2021, all current tenants must be given a satisfactory EICR

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

TWB Electrical offer Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to residents, businesses, charities and schools throughout Lincolnshire.

PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is the process of periodically testing your electrical appliances to ensure they are effectively maintained and safe for use within the appropriate environment. It is a statutory requirement and many insurance companies require certification to comply with all current regulations.

If you would like to book your PAT testing to be performed by a qualified engineer who will arrive at the agreed time, in a tidy uniform and complete the testing causing minimal disruption – call us today!

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